Oman Australia Cable

The Oman Australia Cable connects Muscat to Perth via a low risk & benign subsea cable route which avoids zones within asia that are affected by territorial disputes or extreme natural events.

Known as the “Great Southern Route” the OAC forms part of the only path from the US to EMEA, avoiding the Sunda Strait and the disputed South China Sea.

The OAC will deliver cost-effective, reliable, low-latency and diverse connectivity between Oman and Australia. A branching unit will provide future additional expansion of the cable to other key locations in the region.

This new route complements the existing networks within Australia and provides additional international bandwidth for an ever-increasing need for high-performance connectivity.

In preparation for future demand, a branching unit has been strategically placed to allow for the OAC system to be expanded to additional landing locations. The System has been designed to facilitate potential connections to Djibouti and Salalah.

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Cable Features

Cable Distance ~9800km
Total Fibre Pairs 3
OSNR ~16dB
100G Wavelengths per Fibre Pair ~135
Fibre Optic Cable Type 125 µm²
Cable Power Design Dual Feed 15kV
Total System Capability 39 Tbs

Initial Interconnection Points

Australia TBA
Oman TBA